Smiles Savings Plan

Are You Without Insurance But Need Dental Treatment? No Problem!

Our in-house Smiles Savings Plan is a savings plan option for our non-insured patients. After a one-time membership fee, you will get 20% to 30% off all dental services. No monthly fees, no gimmicks, and no confusing insurance claims- it's that easy!


SSplan benefits

Reader text: Only one low membership fee (no monthly fees). Single coverage, dual coverage (two people), and family coverage (three or more) available. 20% - 30% discount on all services. No confusing claim and reimbursement forms to submit. No complicated application process. No deductibles, downgraded service, or maximum saving limit. The healthier you are, the less you pay. Available at Centreville Dental Care only.

How It Works

How it works

Reader text: Pay a one-time fee: $199 for single coverage, $249 for dual coverage, and $299 for family coverage. Family coverage covers children through age 26. Must make next hygiene appointment to remain eligible for savings. Failure to make and keep next appointment voids plan and new initial fee will be required. Full payment required at each visit.

*Please note that dual coverage covers two (2) people and the family plan covers three (3) or more people, children through age 26. A hygiene (cleaning) appointment must be made every six (6) months. Smiles Savings Plan cannot be used for orthodontic treatment.

How to Join

There is no application process! Join immediately by visiting us or give our office a call at (703) 830-9990.

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